CPLA is new generation PLA, It’s more adhesive then pure PLA filament. And just like the ABS filament, CPLA can be polished and drilled. Futhermore, the prints can last for years. CPLA has excellent moisture proof, no impact on application even if the filament is exposed openly to air for months.

- Material: CPLA
- Diameter: 1.75mm +/-0.05mm
- Print Temperature: 200~230°C
- Good layer adhesion.
- Low odour.
- Stiffer and tougher than regular PLA, useful for mechanical prototyping.
- Very small shrinkage rate, more dimension stable.
- Printed parts can be sanded, sprayed, polished, drilled and painted.
- Vacuum packed with silica gel to avoid moisture.
- Withstand moisture within 6 months for opened sealed package.
- Unopened sealed package can be store for 3 years.
- Printed part will not change properties for 3 years.