ABS also known as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is an oil-based plastic. It is a tough material that can be used to create robust plastic objects for everyday use, for example in cars, electrical equipment or even in the popular Lego bricks. ABS exhibits a superior layer bond. Objects 3D printed this way will be stronger and more impact-resistant. Therefore, it is better suited for mechanical parts and for objects that need to be weatherproof. Moreover, ABS parts are more flexible than PLA parts and tend to bend rather than break when under pressure. Also, ABS is better malleable, postprocessing is easier: The printed object can be cut, filed, sanded, painted, and bonded. And they can be treated with acetone to get a smooth and shiny surface or to weld two objects together.

- Material: ABS
- Diameter: 1.75mm +/-0.05mm
- Print Temperature: 250-260°C
- Bed Temperature: 80-110°C
- Good layer adhesion.
- Low odour.
- Higher toughness, useful for mechanical prototyping.
- Very small shrinkage rate, more dimension stable.
- Printed parts can be sanded, sprayed, polished, drilled and painted.
- Vacuum packed with silica gel to avoid moisture.
- Withstand moisture within 6 months for opened sealed package.
- Unopened sealed package can be store for 3 years.